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Acknowledgment Collection

Behind the Scenes

This collection is a full-on exploration. It was born in 2021 out of some sketches I made during a part of my life that changed my relationship with myself. It was a year dedicated to creating space for uncomfortable feelings during my depression.


It felt like alchemy.


I started sketching what I had hoped for my relationship with that discomfort would evolve into. The Acknowledgment Collection is about the ongoing journey of acknowledging, maybe even being skeptical, accepting, welcoming, getting to know, nurturing, holding, the parts of me I suppress(ed), have been ashamed of,  or have cast aside for whatever reason.


Materializing my shadow (or demons) into a mirror, or a wounded inner child,  is what has helped me transform my intimidation and fear into curiosity, nurturing and even parenting of that wound. 

If you are curious about these spaces, make sure to check out these entries.

The collection is still a work in progress. Click on the pieces below to view them in order:

1. An Invitation

2. Acknowledgment

3. No Such Thing as Demons

4. The Room

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