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24" x 36"
Oil on Canvas

This is the third piece in the Acknowledgment Collection.


This piece was born out of a blog entry called "Demystifying my Demons" in which I described how I visualized my emotional world- as one long hallway with many doors. The gardens mentioned in the writing, as well as the color palette, were represented in the painting as an ode to van Gogh's La Berceuse, which translates to "the lullaby", making, once again, the connection to parenting the (inner) child. 

The central figure begins to take color, contrasting the black and white in the first two pieces of the collection. The black matter looks less chaotic and has taken the shape of a smaller version of the parent, still inside a womb. The umbilical chord looks threatening, but the central figure is calm, gentle, and handling this moment of acceptance with grace. 

Notice the door that is cracked open- another reference to the entry. Holding the womb and feeling slightly threatened/scared yet peaceful and filled with trust is a direct symbolism of the door about to open.

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Slide through gallery below for close-up details. Click for full-screen view. 

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