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How do commissions work?

Although the pieces in other collections are deeply personal, commissions explicitly include you in the process. It is a form of collective healing through art; a conversation with layers represented in fine art. 

Fill out questionnaire

The answers you provide set the stage for our conversation regarding the outcome of your piece. Please set time aside to answer from the most honest space possible. The artwork will be in your home, and ideally it will inspire you every time you see it. Click here to start the process!


One-on-one meeting: Virtual or in-person

After setting up an ideal time and date based on your interview, we will then have a conversation- in person or virtually. When I have these meetings, they often end up feeling like old friends getting together. I hope to provide a safe space for you to share as much as you feel comfortable. The initial questionnaire helps me have a starting point in our dialogue. 

My work celebrates emotion, and we are all mirrors of each other. The goal of this step is to connect so I can identify your emotions with my own experience in order to translate it onto the canvas.


Composition approval and pricing

After our conversation, I ask for a $50 deposit for me to work on the design and composition. It will be contributed to the final pricing of the piece. This is usually the most emotionally demanding part of the process and it can take around a week or two to complete. 


The human experience and connecting from that essence really catapults my creativity. The one-on-ones are an essential part of the process because of the wave of inspiration that takes over.

After coming up with a composition, I will share it with you for approval. By this point, we would have a size, medium and composition defined, which would allow me to give you the final pricing of the piece.


 After this point, you are going to have to trust me. Trust me to honor our conversation and the direction the painting will take. 

This is when the most amazing work happens: when I surrender control and trust the process. So you will need to do the same.

Your role in this process ends as soon as you approve the composition.


Deposit and final payment

In order for me to start working on the painting, I ask for a 50% deposit. I am open to discuss payment plans if necessary!

The deposit will secure your place in line, and I will be able to give you a time frame as to when to expect the final piece. 


Almost yours!

Ee! Now you can sit back and relax while I create your artwork, your piece of you, of our human experience as a collective. 

I will be making progress videos so you can see them during, or after you receive the piece. It is up to you!

The final payment and shipping will be paid before you receive the piece. 

I like to think that this piece was waiting to be born to be placed into your  home.

Thank you for trusting me in this process.

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