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About Lajubu Art.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


I would say my main inspiration is the human condition. Trying to understand humans, including myself. Before becoming a full-time artist, I studied everything from psychology to communication, elementary education, and did a Master’s in International Cooperation. 


When I studied that Master’s, I did my thesis in the lack of ethical practices that take place in that field, and I did not want to be part of that. I wanted to help, but even the word “help” is tainted with this savior complex I did not believe in. I had to dig deep inside, and tap into my own confusion, pain, and love to understand that our healing as individuals is what is going to make our world a better place.


My biggest influence in my writing and art is connection through healing. Reading, writing, going to therapy, seeing myself raw, and being gentle with myself through the darkness, too. Understanding that we are all mirrors of each other, and maybe finding a way of putting all of this on a canvas so that a little bit of our humanity is felt through it. Through this journey, I have realized that what I used to categorize as "too much" is a gift and priviledge because it gives me the capability to pour into words and visual art emotions that a lot of people may not have the tools to express. My writing is very raw. I share it openly in the blog because I know that somewhere, out there, it may help someone else feel less alone. Again, we are mirrors. A very lonely feeling or thought feels less so when we realize it is more common that we thought. I also believe we should normalize vulnerability, especially in the one-sided lives that are usually shown on social media. 


My biggest influence is the human experience through my lens.

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