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48" x 60"

Oil, mixed media on canvas

This piece is the manifestation of women collaborating in an effort towards healing and embracing all the emotions. The figure is based on Michelina's dancing, which she uses as a method to express her emotions. The work itself is inspired by the "No mud, no lotus" teachings in Buddhism. I first heard of this metaphor during my time in the Anand Ashram in Ubud, Indonesia. Guruji would speak about the importance of the nutrients in the muddy water for our growth and fullest potential. Thich Nhat Hanh has given multiple talks and even wrote a book ("No Mud, No Lotus") regarding the importance of struggle in order to feel joy and happiness. "When you are in the mud, you are able to see the future lotus". 

Model: Michelina Moen @michelina_moen

Sin lodo no hay loto, 60_x48_, oils and
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