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30" x 40"

Mixed media on canvas

"Entanglement" is a sort of journey from young love to more mature love. When I’d be naive and just fully dissolve into a relationship, entangling myself and losing myself. To then avoiding entanglement, and putting up walls. To then learning that walls are not the same as boundaries, and that healthy love is possible, blooming as individuals and as partners is possible without needing to lose yourself, without the necessity of these walls, but with the clarity of boundaries. Both bodies (ambiguity of gender is intentional) are resting on gold, on that solidity of unwavering trust, symbolizing a love that’s old, has been through the fire, and been forged. The figures aren’t fused together by fire, but by life and vegetation as a choice to grow together.

Photo reference by @t0zt0z. Models are @oh.francoise and @conkuntion and it was acquired through Françoise's Patreon. They have their own interpretations and meaning of the original photography.   

Entangled 30x40.jpg
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