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74" x 85"
Acrylic on loose canvas

The concept of discovering ourselves in the process of compression to expansion, as a work in progress. Observing. Taking in. Finding synchronicities between our inner world and the things that manifest around us. Allowing lightness, flow, and that trust needed to let go and open our eyes to life’s gifts. A never-ending journey of full authenticity by giving into the inner Knowing.

Scroll down for pictures in its new home.

I would like to share that the process of creating this piece was very touching. I originally had sketched only the three bodies, representing compression to expansion. Then, as I surrendered to the painting, what I originally imagined being a brick wall on the left, turned into contained water. What I originally imagined being a concrete sphere in the middle, ended up being softer water. And the path I had on the right was meant to originally create balance in the painting from the angled wall on the left… and it ended up being water freely flowing. When I stepped back to look at where the piece was heading, I felt a big knot in my throat. It felt as if I was witnessing magic- a manifestation of my subconscious that I gave place to by surrendering to the process. I realized that the inner waters/emotions were being represented in an abstract manner in the water that accompanied each body (contained water/compressed body, water taking shape/body getting up, free flowing water/body expanded). Letting go of control. Surrendering. Allowing ourselves to be. Getting rid of the noise and trusting. If you take a closer look, the body on the right is made of lines mostly. It’s meant to look like a sketch to symbolize a work in progress. A life-long journey. The technique also helps give it a lighter, feathery feeling.

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