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48" x 48"

Oil, mixed media on canvas

To embrace the heat, honor the moment, and find comfort in the transitions. The gold outline gives the impression that the figure is a glowing coal. On fire, but not consumed with flames that burn out brightly and quickly. Instead, simmering softly in a slow burn. It brings a sense of strength in the fire, of being forged by and not destroyed by struggles. The body could also be interpreted as the universe, with stars rather than coal dust. The cosmic aspect in the volcano could serve as a reminder of how the universe began with fire and ultimately, we're all born and reborn from that, infinite times over eons. You can't really know the strength people carry in themselves, in their own universe. 

Model: @oh.francoise. Figure reference acquired through Françoise's Patreon. 

Cradled in Ngauruhoe, 48%22x48%22, oils
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